We Create Powerful AI and Machine Learning Solutions Driven by the Cloud

AI/ML Models

Product Design

EE/ME Design Engineering

Software Development

Stracos LLC was established in 2010 and has primarily focused on creating bespoke solutions for the healthcare industry, specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and intelligent product design.

Our team has worked extensively with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and international institutions like the Cork Institute of Technology to create comprehensive and robust solutions that scale to meet your needs.

Our Design & Development Process

We believe in transparency and being able to fully understand your needs to build scale appropriate solutions to design products the right way.

Strategy & Roadmap.

This is typically done as an in-person engagement where we have an envisioning session and better understand the project depth, scope, timelines, brand intent, and product goals.

Visual & UX Design

We have our team of heuristic experts conduct lengthy and robust sets of customer interviews to better understand the needs of the end user to be able to create a bespoke solution your users will love.


This is the portion where we add a project manager and host of engineers to begin application development and the underlying solution framework.

Launch & Monitor

With metrics like Crazy Egg and platform awareness monitoring, you’ll always know that status of your application and where you stand in the development process.

Our Development Partners

Featured Case Study



TRACTUS is a hardware and software solution incorporating 1D/2D/RFID scanning hardware that drives hospital utilization data in the operating theatre into a Azure based platform to protect patients and payors from misidentified or incorrectly identified devices.

Patents cleared, software developed, custom hardware designed.


What We Offer

Stracos was created with the business principle that an entire offering throughout the design and implementation process is necessary. Everything from product design, strategy, supply chain development, enterprise relations, and sales are handled by our team. We bring the expertise of years of experience in our niche to drive longstanding relations with you, helping your organization growth every step of the way.

Custom Product Development

If you’re in healthcare or augmented reality, we are your experts, everything from circuit design, supply chain vendor identification, to application development.

Roadmap & Strategy

From start to finish we work with you to ensure that your program is a complete success! Our team helps drive product strategy and implementation logically.

Backend & API Development

Because we focus heavily on cloud designed platforms, we ensure that downstream connectivity is baked into each of our designs.

User Centric Experiences

We have DBA and PhD employees that focus on heuristic design and specialty, giving your application less friction and easier implementation.


WorldClass Support

24/7 local support is available, ensuring that you have somebody with you during the entire part of the development and design process.

Big Data

We work on the scale of governments and multinational healthcare organizations, so we are confident in helping you leverage the most from your data!

Product Updates

Because we typically use progressive web applications, shipping containerized updates is a breeze.

Award Winning quality

Our products designed for our customers have won international recognition and notieriety 

Cloud Development

We focus on Azure and GCP product design for robust, scalable solutions.


Already Know the Details of Your Project?

That’s just the type of energy that we love to see! Send us over your project review statement, we’ll get back with an NDA and we can start making your dream into a reality.