Bringing innovative new ideas to life - fast

Whether it’s trying out different solutions to challenging technology problems or prototyping a new idea to bring to market, our team of dedicated engineers can help you rapidly build a complete, end-to-end solution designed specifically for your unique ecosystem


We make things… better

Industrial and product design is constantly shifting and evolving to keep pace with rapid advancements in technology, cultural trends and socio-economic forces. Stracos has a proven record delivering the design-to-value, rapid prototyping, and iterative production and sourcing capacity that our clients need to keep pace.​


Where the real and the digital coexist

We design and build connected solutions to make assets work smarter. Our end-to-end, device-to-cloud IoT solutions deliver improved visibility, control, and utility for our clients’ assets and operations. Let us work with you to enhance your company’s ability to predict and act.​


A new paradigm in analysis and process optimization​

Our unique team of software and electronics engineers, data scientists, and industry partners can revolutionize the way you do business with the power of AI and ML. Whether predictive analysis and forecasting, anomaly detection, natural language processing, or “big-data” pattern analysis, we can help you create the optimal solution to accelerate decision making and reimagine problem solving.​


Take truly immersive interactive experiences to the next level

Stracos prides itself in pushing boundaries and challenging the way we look at the world. Our “codeless” VR development platform dramatically changes the way VR content is created, making it possible to rapidly bring immersive games, training, and other experiences to life.​ ​ WrongReality, our VR studio, takes creative to a whole new level with all-new immersive gaming and training experiences.​


Get the full picture of what you have, where it is, and how much you’re going to need

While we understand the regulatory nuances of implementing UDI, we also know that beyond the implementation challenges lies a huge opportunity to create truly visible and optimized global supply chains. Leveraging standards-based solutions like EPCIS, we help our clients seamlessly integrate with partners and dramatically improve the efficiency and transparency of their supply chain operations.​


New ways of thinking require new ways of working

It’s not enough to just solve the technical problems. Behind many of the most persistent business challenges are outmoded operating models and processes that were designed for a different time. To ensure any new solutions we develop with you last for the long haul, we also help you redesign your business operations to take full advantage of the new solution – and put in place the structures, tools, and processes to sustain the change over time.