Creating  Immersive Universes At Home

What We Design

We create niche experiences primarily focused on augmented and virtual reality development. Stracos Labs works with industry leaders to both generate applications for the healthcare and gaming industries.

Detailed Design

We focus on heuristic user considerations and craft worlds that are designed for fun, work training, or more!

Bringing back the fantastical

Our motto is that we will never release something that is unpolished or shows poor user responsiveness. Stracos Labs is a creative spinup company and focuses on high levels of detail to achieve maximum engagement.

Dynamic Immersion

Player specifics are taken into account during development to create games that are accessible for all demographics while still being deeply immersive experiences.

Practical Application Development

We have designed a host of API toolsets that are used by the gaming industry to tackle a host of player experiential problems for live services.

Our Development Partners

Featured Game

Line Simulator


TRACTUS is a hardware and software solution incorporating 1D/2D/RFID scanning hardware that drives hospital utilization data in the operating theatre into a Azure based platform to protect patients and payors from misidentified or incorrectly identified devices.

Patents cleared, software developed, custom hardware designed.

Stracos Labs was formed in 2019 and has partnered with top gaming technology companies and providers to help accelerate augmented and virtual reality games and experiences for the gaming industry and corporate environments.

With a core team of 12 developers in 4 countries, we focus on a diverse group of individuals and backgrounds to make experiences immersive, inclusive, and enaging.

Our Philosophy

Stracos Labs was formed to create dynamically driven experiences that focus heavily on a deep understanding of psychological and heuristic behavior to generate engaging and memorable content.

Virtual Reality Development

Both for corporate customers looking to create unique and immersive experiences and for our gaming community, we work on in-depth virtual reality, taking you to new world.

Augment Reality Experiences

We believe that the next wave of user experience will be created by AR, which is why we have been working on physical/virtual content integration for years.

Full Immersive Design

Our design approach takes positional anchoring and world coherence tracking, creating experiences that are both dynamically adjusting and locationally persistent.

User Centric Experiences

We integrate advanced user analytics to be able to better understand player behavior, creating more dynamic and enjoyable game worlds!

Environment Optimization

Game worlds are optimized to ensure that all players and computers can run the titles, increasing customer availability.

Dynamic World Creation

We have fully dedicated teams with history and writing backgrounds to make sure that no detail goes unnoticed.


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