Stracos Incubate Program 

Let Stracos Give Life to Your Business 


Stracos is committed to helping startup build lasting success. Our team begins by reviewing your existing sales decks, product strategy, and success roadmap. We will research to see where and how we can accommodate your company’s needs and compile our findings into a functional Statement of Work (SoW) to review and finalize together.

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Once the SoW is refined and agreed upon, our team gets to work hitting the major milestones of your company’s grand re-branding; this process can include, but is not limited to:



Sales/Product Decks

Investor-Focused Decks

Product Strategy

Project Roadmap Optimization

Our First Incubator Program Participants

PVLSE, PIPS, and Finspace are among the first to take advantage of our successful Incubator program. Click the buttons below to learn more!

Listen to Stracos CEO Brandon Donnelly discuss the startup process and doing what is necessary to achieve success. This was at the 2020 Beyond IoT conference in Cork, Ireland.

Re-Define Your Presence

Our skilled developers provided PIPS with a total brand rehaul for their barcode scanning and verification company. This relationship is ongoing, and so far we’ve provided customized logo designs, a total website rework, and much more!

Concept to Reality

Our expert product strategists know exactly how to fish out your best ideas. Our newest Incubator participant is still early in their development, but we’re incredibly excited to contribute to their journey to introduce the hobby of fishing to the digital age!


The Stracos Team completes all items in the initial SoW and now your presentation decks are ready for investor pitches and more! Our team connects you with our network

Additional, paid SoWs can be organized with the team, but you have a foundation to build upon.

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