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We are Stracos Labs, a branch of Stracos dedicated to engineering innovative solutions to real world problems. From application development to circuit design, there is no challenge too big for our team of experts.

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Product Visualization Tool

Our Product Visualization Tool (PVT) provides end users with a highly customizable user experience. Once a product is chosen, they load it into the PVT and begin customizing its appearance to fit their needs. The user can select different product offerings, such as colors or model types, and then submit their orders.

 Cloud Verifier

The Stracos Barcode Verifier Software is a data matrix scanner and verifier system. It’s a fully cloud-based web application reinforced with Microsoft Azure that allows real-time data capture and delivery when scanning medical implants both within and outside the operating room.

Tray Management Tool

Our Tray Management Tool is a medical application designed to track items in their associated baskets and trays. The purpose of this software is to provide increased organization and traceability for medical implants while also providing institutions with functional methods of monitoring their inventory levels.

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